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JVC Announces Two New In-Ear Monitors
Designed for the Most Demanding Listeners

Stainless steel HA-FD01 and wood diaphragm HA-FW01
mark the return of JVC audiophile headphones to the US market.

LONG BEACH, CALIF., January 2, 2020 – JVC today announced two new in-ear monitors (IEM) designed for the most demanding listeners. Both models feature materials and design elements that deliver clear, rich and delicate sound, and mark the return of JVC audiophile headphones to the US market.

The new JVC HA-FD01 and HA-FW01 in-ear monitors are Hi-Res Audio headphones that capitalize on JVC’s decades of experience in audio technologies to deliver two models that each deliver their own distinctive performance characteristics.

The JVC HA-FD01 is a single dynamic driver IEM with a premium metal housing. Large 11-millimeter dynamic drivers deliver a clean, punchy sound, and to tailor the sound to suit individual tastes three pairs of nozzles are included, each made of a different material.

Key to the HA-FD01’s performance is its construction. The specially developed DLC Dome Dual Carbon diaphragm is made by layering four different materials – two high molecular polymers and two amorphous carbons. At the center is a dome area of polyethylene that offers high strength. The result is high resolution and detail without the harshness and resonance found in other diaphragms. A robust stainless steel housing protects the driver and gives the IEM a jewel-like look and feel.

Included are three nozzle – titanium, stainless steel, and brass -- that can be swapped out to customize the sound to the user’s preference. Because each metal has its own unique acoustic properties, each nozzle produces its own tonal qualities. What’s more, the IEM has a tangle-free cable and rotating nozzles that allow listeners to wrap the wires over the ear or wear them with the wires down.

Also included is a carrying case with magnetic clasp, and a set of five spiral dot ear tips: small, medium/small, medium, medium/large and large.

The JVC HA-FW01 IEM draws on JVC’s experience designing and building wood cone speakers to create a lightweight wood dome diaphragm to deliver natural sounding audio with detail and nuance. The 11mm wood diaphragm is 40 percent lighter than conventional IEM diaphragms and is equipped with JVC’s unique thin-film processing technology. The structure of the HA-FW01 controls resonance by combining different materials in a “metal harmonizer” comprised of a brass inner housing, wood housing, and a wood stabilizer. These combine to control resonance and prevent a muddying of the sound.

An Acoustic Purifier features small protrusions to control the tone and sound dispersion to the ear, while another JVC original, a Spiral Dot Eartip, improves resolution by using dot protrusions to diffuse unnecessary sound on the front of the unit.

The headphone cable features a L/R-isolated grounding cable to control crosstalk, and the cloth-covered cable boosts durability and minimizes tangling.

The HA-FD01 is priced at $299.95, and the HA-FW01 is priced at $329.95. Both are available immediately.

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