3DV, NuCore, Vela and IBM are among the firms to provide technology to future JVC products

Las Vegas, NV (NAB, April 10-13, 2000) -- JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY is expanding its horizons by entering into several significant strategic alliances that will bring new and advanced technologies to fruition faster and more economically for our customers.

These joint development programs are aimed at leveraging the complementary expertise of companies in ancillary and related industries to enhance our customers’ performance and creative power. Among those alliances:

3DV Systems

JVC and 3DV Systems Ltd. have combined their "best in class" technologies, resulting in a joint presentation at NAB 2000 to demonstrate an integration of 3DV’s renowned ZcamTM Depth Camera with JVC’s award-winning optical design and KY-D29 digital signal processing camera.

3DV and JVC are working together to integrate 3DV’s Zcam, the world’s first real-time 3D infrared telemetry technology with JVC’s studio cameras. JVC developed the infrared beam splitting and optical relay technology used by Zcam. We are now working to miniaturize it to fit into the camera to make it more practical and economical. Zcam enables operators to capture and manipulate 3D data in real time. Utilizing depth keying rather than chroma keying, Zcam enables real-time imaging without the use of blue screen compositing. Users can also implement special 3D effects in real time including illumination, augmentation of the 3D scene, and interaction of real and virtual objects, among others.

At the NAB 2000 Show, the companies are jointly showing the Zcam piggybacked on JVC’s KY-D29 DSP studio camera. Viewers can see first hand how the Zcam/KY-D29 combination empowers operators with advanced functionality, enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

This joint presentation at NAB 2000 signals JVC's intention to enter the virtual camera market.

Also at NAB 2000, JVC is providing twin DLA-4000 D-ILA superprojectors to showcase 3DV's DeepMediaTM, the industry’s only end-to-end solution for the creation, manipulation, distribution and display of these 3D video images created by the Zcam /KY-D29 combination. At the 3DV booth (S3762), viewers will receive polarized glasses to watch a live demonstration of DeepMedia’s unique capabilities on a large screen and multiple PC monitors. The demonstration will include an actor interacting with 3D objects in real time. For the first time, viewers can enjoy a completely new 3D viewing experience by manipulating depth perception and viewing angles according to their individual preferences.

NuCORE Technology

JVC is contributing its considerable video camera expertise into a strategic partnership with NuCORE Technology, for jointly developing new advanced processing digital LSIs for use in 3-CCD cameras.

The first development resulting from this alliance is the development of a 12-Bit LSI A/D

converter and Digital Processing LSI targeted for incorporation into high performance 3CCD cameras. This exciting new development is made possible by combining JVC’s

innovative advanced camera technology with NuCORE’s imaging processing technology, including NDXtm (NuCORE Dynamic range expansion) and SiPtm (Smart Image Processor).

JVC plans to utilize these newly developed LSIs first in its new generation Hard Disk Cameras, which will be previewed in JVC’s booth at NAB 2000.

ADTX (Advanced Technology and Systems Co., Ltd. -- an IBM Associate Company in Japan)

Perhaps most fascinating is JVC’s alliance with ADTX to develop IBM’s 2.5-inch hard disc for inclusion in a new generation "tapeless" Hard Disc camera to be demonstrated at NAB 2000. Utilizing the widely accepted DV compression algorithm, this new camcorder will use JVC’s renowned camera technology to record a 25 Mbps DV bit stream on removable 2.5-inch hard disk drives that are packed in a shock absorbing

"AV Pack" housing.

Recording in the DV format on the hard disc, users can deliver industry-standard 25 Mbps quality. Notably, because this hard disk system utilizes DV algorithm compression, it has a future capability of recording at 50 Mbps, providing full D-9 quality, and, incredibly, 100 Mbps – true HDTV.

This new camcorder expands the DV format to a new level, recording DV not on a tape cassette, but directly onto a rugged, reliable, removable disc. JVC’s AV Pack can be quickly plugged directly into the camcorder, and recording can begin immediately. In addition to the advantage of full DV quality, users gain substantial advantages over traditional videotape systems, including slow motion, instant non-linear editing support and direct digital transfers to a variety of digital components via IEEE 1394 "Firewire."

By working closely with ADTX, JVC’s engineers were able to develop a hard disc camcorder that meets the needs of industry professionals for ruggedness, durability, recording time and – most importantly – high quality.

C-Cube and DiviCom

JVC has partnered with C-Cube Microsystems and its subsidiary, DiviCom, to develop the DM-D4000 HD decoder, a flexible High Definition MPEG-2 decoding system. It outputs serial digital or analog component video signals and digital or analog audio signals decoded from MPEG-2 transport streams.

The DM-D4000 decoder is part of JVC’s package of advanced DTV products. It offers a choice of 1080i and 720p High Definition formats in addition to 480p and 480i standard definition formats and supports both ATSC, DVB and the Japanese ARIB "seamless switch" and ISDB standards for maximum flexibility in today’s worldwide broadcast environments.

The system’s audio support includes 2 channel and 2 channel mix-down of 5.1 channel Dolby Digital (AC-3) decoding and 5.1 channel Dolby Digital pass through. In addition the system supports 5.1 channel AAC digital audio for United States digital radio

standards. An on-screen overlay display for EIA-708 decoded closed captioning is also available.

The decoder’s compact, one rack unit chassis has convenient front panel control. Its Ethernet interface provides easy system integration and network management.

The DM-D4000 is the result of JVC’s long-time experience designing MPEG-2 encoders and decoders.

JVC’s broad skills in compression and decoding design have been developed on generations of silicon, in conjunction with C-Cube Microsystems, from the very beginning of the MPEG standardization process. The JVC-developed system microcode also drives the silicon level operations of DiviCom’s fourth-generation single rack unit HDTV MV400 encoder. It is the cornerstone of that unit’s efficiency and ability to take

advantage of DiviCom parent company C-Cube Microsystems’ broadcast encoding silicon solutions.

Vela, L.P.

In a new strategic partnership that will add broadcast quality playback to JVC’s DVD-RAM library systems, JVC’s Digital Storage Systems Division will now include Vela’s RapidAccess MPEG-2 based broadcast playback solution as part of its DVD-RAM library systems. Vela’s Rapid Access archiving architecture will enable communication with JVC’s DVD-RAM Library system for storing and retrieving large amounts of video, and allowing it to be played to air.

This network-centric, open-architecture RapidAccess system allows users to record and monitor on one channel while playing back four other channel streams simultaneously.

Key hardware components for RapidAccess include Vela’s Argus® real-time MPEG-2 encoding system, and Vela’s CineCast Quad and CineCast Quad Pro four-channel decoders. Software from Vela will enable communication between JVC’s DVD-RAM library systems and RapidAccess, allowing the ability to play to air.

Computer Engineering Inc.

Computer Engineering, Inc. (CEi) is partnering with JVC’s Digital Storage Systems Division to provide the software interface between JVC’s CD/DVD Library systems that holds up to 600 discs and numerous video servers for storage and automation of broadcast video.

CEi’s Video Vault software controls CD/DVD Library systems as near-on-line storage for video servers. It stores and retrieves video automatically based on information from TV Automation software. The CD-R version of Video Vault has already been available

in a successful use at KCOP-TV in Los Angeles. The DVD-RAM version is also available within the solution for larger video capacity.

Digital Vault, CEi’s next generation software will treat video and audio material as data, and network based hardware-software communications, and video servers as computer nodes on a network. This configuration will allow for any number of video servers to be connected to any number of DVD Libraries. There will be no limitation as to where these devices could be located. Significantly, data could be stored at one location and transferred to another located anywhere on the network, inside or out of the station.

Imagine Products

Imagine Products, Inc. announced the development of a custom version of The Executive ProducerÒ (TEP) deluxe video logging software that incorporates JVC Professional Products Super Scene Finder (SSF) function of the JVC GY-DV500 Camera system and the accompanying BR-DV600 Recorder.

A JVC exclusive, Super Scene Finder lets you log scenes automatically or manually in the field, and mark which scenes are good. This dramatically speeds up the transfer process and saves disk space, because now you can digitize only those scenes, which you need for editing. The new logging software from Imagine will allow the filmmaker to seamlessly download a SSF file from the Camera, add comments, reel numbers and other information. The user can also control the camera or deck to play the tape and mark additional selected scenes. Frame grabs for each clip may also be added to the log. When the log is complete, storyboards may be printed, and batch files are output to digitize only

the selected clips into the non-linear editor. Batch digitizing files are available for an Avid, Media 100, and most linear and non-linear editing systems. Since the BR-DV600 recorder has RS-422 control built in to the deck, most editing systems can digitize directly from the mini-DV tapes.

Non-Linear Partners

JVC is working with several of the most prominent names in non-linear editing to ease the path for interoperability among these providers, as well as to incorporate "best in class" technology into JVC’s TimeGate non-linear editing system. These partners include Matrox, Pinnacle Systems, Miranda and Inscriber.

In addition, JVC is partnering with both Canopus and Macro Systems to promote the use of these non-linear editing platforms with JVC’s PROFESSIONAL DV line of camcorders and VTRs.


JVC is pleased to be in partnership with Kodak to study the application and integration of JVC’s proprietary 2K computer and projector chip into Kodak’s digital cinema system.

This collaboration an exciting opportunity for JVC to demonstrate its superior D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) technology, and to further position JVC’s innovative D-ILA chip as an ideal choice in the development of a state-of-the-art digital cinema projection system.

The Kodak digital cinema system is planned to include technology and expertise from Kodak as well as best-in-class components from other manufacturers. For its part, Kodak brings a unique understanding of color and imaging science to the project.

CIT Financing

Not all of JVC’s strategic corporate alliances are with technology partners. In a move that significantly expands its presence in the broadcast industry, CIT Equipment Financing announced today that it has entered into an agreement with JVC Americas Corporation under which it will be a primary U.S. provider of loans and leases on the sale of JVC's professional products.

The financing program, which is targeted to broadcasters and commercial customers and being marketed by JVC's sales force, will include financing on items like video projectors, digital VTRs, and editing products. JVC estimates that more than 20 percent of its customers finance or lease the products they purchase.



distributes a complete line of broadcast and professional equipment including video projectors, plasma displays, digital cameras, digital VTRs, monitors, and editing products. For more information on any of JVC’s professional products, contact David Walton, at 1-800-JVC-5825 or see the web site at

JVC Digital Storage Systems is based in Cypress, California and is a subsidiary company within JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. The company markets a complete line of CD/DVD Library Systems ("jukeboxes") with storage capacities ranging from 65GB to 5.1TB for document imaging, e-mail, and video and audio storage applications in conjunction with its software development partners. The products are characterized by reliability, durability, and maximum protection of the media, which are essentials of electronic data storage. JVC Digital Storage Systems can be reached at (714) 816-6500 or on the World Wide Web at

About 3DV

3DV Systems Ltd. is the world leader in 3D video. Established in 1996, 3DV Systems is a privately held company based in Israel. 3DV’s experienced management team consists of highly qualified professionals with specialized expertise in software, physics and electronics. Based on proven development capabilities and proprietary patented technologies, 3DV is the leading provider of state-of-the-art 3D video solutions. For more information about 3DV Systems, visit

About NuCORE Technology

NuCORE Technology was founded in July 1997 with the express purpose of developing revolutionary imaging devices for the emerging digital image capture market. As the demands for higher resolutions and image quality continue to increase at a fast pace, NuCORE has positioned itself to offer outstanding value to OEMs in the image capture

arena. NuCORE Technology is based in Santa Clara, California, and can be reached at (408) 919-1820, or on the World Wide Web at

About ADTX

ADTX (Advanced Technology and Systems Co., Ltd.), an IBM Japan joint venture, was founded to provide a wide range of storage solutions using a wealth of accumulated know-how from IBM in small-sized storage device manufacturing. Additionally, ADTX provides process engineering in the production and manufacturing technique of

small-sized magnetic products. ADTX’s business includes providing a variety of complete solutions, ranging from device interface technique, multimedia application products definition (disk array device), and the design of Intranet/Internet servers using disk arrays. ADTX also provides system integration consulting services for economically systematizing a wide range of network solutions. ADTX can be reached on the World Wide Web at

About C-Cube and DiviCom
C-Cube Microsystems Inc. is the industry leader in the development and delivery of highly integrated digital video silicon and systems solutions. C-Cube's Semiconductor Division delivers digital video silicon and systems solutions for the communications and consumer electronics markets. C-Cube's DiviCom Division is a leader in the deployment of digital video networks. C-Cube is headquartered in Milpitas, California with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Its stock is traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol CUBE. C-Cube can be reached at (408) 490-8000 or at C-Cube's DiviCom Division is based in Milpitas, Calif. and can be reached at (408) 944-6700 or at

About Vela

Vela LP is a leader in video compression products for the broadcast and cable industries. Vela’s OEM Product Division offers a complete range of broadcast quality MPEG-2 video encoders and decoders. The company’s Broadcast Products Division applies the core technologies developed by Vela to design and manufacturer end user products, including advanced video servers and distribution solutions for digital television applications. The company is based in Clearwater, Florida and Salt Lake City, Utah. Additional information may be found on the World Wide Web at

About Computer Engineering Inc.

CEi continually creates and develops custom and standard products that offer solutions to many stations' needs. CEi offers three types of standard automation, STATA Master Control Automation, ServPlay++ Router Automation and ServPlay Video Server Automation. To upgrade these automation packages, CEi offers several software modules which increase functionality depending on a station’s needs and budget restraints. Since CEi's software is object oriented, additional modules can be added at any time, as a

station's needs changes. CEi is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and can be reached at

(801) 487-8400 or on the World Wide Web at

About Imagine Products

Imagine Products develops high-value, innovative tools for video professionals, including asset management software and digital logging tools. With an installed base of more than 50,000 units, the company’s software products have become an editing standard and are considered by many as "best of class." Imagine Products has been recognized by the Indiana University Kelley School of Business with its Growth 100 Award, ranking the company among the top 100 fastest growing entrepreneurial companies in the state. Corporate headquarters are located at 12220 N. Meridian Street, Suite 130, Carmel,

Indiana 46032-6936 USA. Phone number is (317) 843-0706; Fax is (317) 843-0807; Web is

About Kodak

The Eastman Kodak Company, based in Rochester, New York, is the world’s leader in imaging technology. Visit Kodak on the World Wide Web at, or call (716) 724-4000.

About CIT Equipment Financing

CIT Equipment Financing offers companies a wide variety of financial solutions including equipment leasing and financing, loans for commercial real estate, construction financing, franchise financing, debt refinancing, acquisition financing, and Small Business Administration loans. It is a unit of CIT (NYSE:CIT). With $50 billion in managed assets, CIT ( is one of the nation's largest commercial and consumer finance organizations.

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