This January only, save $2900 when you purchase the
GY-HC900 Series Streaming Package!

This January only, when you purchase a GY-HC900 Series Streaming Package consisting of any GY-HC900 camera, an SFE-CAM Bonded Cellular Hotspot, a zRAMP Zixi Streaming Management Server and a BR-DE900 ProHD Decoder, the decoder is free! That's a $2900 value.

This package provides the foundation for professional remote production with Zixi QoS technology, "The Most Resilient Video Transport Over the Internet."

GY-HC900 Series Broadcast 2/3" Camcorder
The unique GY-HC900 broadcast CONNECTED CAM™ camcorder with Zixi™ makes no compromises in image quality and offers a level of connectivity not found elsewhere.
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SFE-CAM Bonded Cellular Hotspot
The SFE-CAM is a bonded cellular LTE hotspot that can provide full internet connectivity for bidirectional streaming and data transfer from multiple cameras, encoders, decoders and IoT devices. It docks directly to the GY-HC900.
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Zixi Streaming Server (zRAMP-2 or zRAMP-4)
The zRAMP Zixi Streaming Management Servers enable independent IP video streaming from two (zRAMP-2) or four (z-RAMP-4) cameras to reach two to four separate distribution destinations, respectively.
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BR-DE900 Decoder
The BR-DE900 Decoder delivers broadcast quality video anywhere in the world over public networks providing both HDMI and HD-SDI connectivity for mission critical applications.
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Flash Sale Details. It's easy! You must purchase the package including a GY-HC900 (any variety), SFE-CAM, zRamp-2 or zRamp-4, and BR-DE900 on a single order from a participating U.S. dealer. Products must be new and not demostration models. There are no forms to fill out. No waiting. Your participating dealer will provide the BR-DE900 Decoder at no cost. Retail value $2900.