TAKES ITS CUE FROM JVC
    No element of film or video production is currently saving
    Hollywood as much money or time as "real time preview" editing
    systems.  These are computer-assisted systems for editing scenes
    and playing them back in real time without ever having recorded
    anything on videotape.  The VHS recorder is an important part of
    this increasingly popular technology which integrates video and
    computer capabilities" says David Walton, Marketig Manager, New
    Products, Professional Video Communications Division, JVC
    The Speed And Flexibility Of Real Time Preview
         As on-line editing costs soar, more and more producers are
    relying on off-line real time preview editing systems.  Why?
    The ability to randomly edit, rearrange, compose and playback in
    real time almost instantaneously without splicing film or
    redubbing video is tremendously cost effective.  Decisions are
    recorded in the computer, not on video tape.  Dialogue, music
    and scenes are quickly and easily manipulated.  Another
    advantage is that edit decisions can be stored indefinitely.
    JVC's Role In Real Time Preview
         With advanced electronics and high speed random access
    capabilities, the JVC BR-6400U is an important component of real
    time preview editing.  It provides shuttle search at up to ten
    times normal speed in either direction, eliminating guesswork in
    locating particular sections an editor wants to preview.  An
    entire two hour program can be scanned in about 12 minutes while
    watching the speeded up picture on the screen.  The Ediflex
    System by CINEDCO (Burbank, CA) for example, currently
    incorporates a Z80 64k microprocessor, a pair of 3 1/2" disk
    drives, an 8" disk drive compatible with most on-line systems,
    and anywhere from 8 to 14 JVC's BR-6400U's, depending on the
    amount of source material being used.
         Randomly accessing a frame or synchronizing the BR-6400U's
    is easily achieved thanks to SMPTE coding.  Edit points are
    clean, glitch-free and frame accurate.
    More Time To Be Creative
         Herb Dow, a film editor for 17 years, and Ediflex's
    marketing director, says "Creatives are free at last to spend
    their energy editing, instead of cutting up pieces of celluloid
    or making dubs of videotape."  The creator of Ediflex, Adrian
    Ettlinger, "keeps adding to the system's software, and we now
    have two Channel sound," says Dow.  Ettlinger has won three
    Emmy's for his contributions to CMX 600 (the first real time
    preview system) and other systems, as well as the David Sarnoff
    Gold Medal of SMPTE in 1976 for life achievements.
         Dow used Ettlinger's system to edit "Gladiator," a movie-
    of-the-week, and he says "There's no way I'd ever go back to
    editing without real time preview.  It's just too slow without
    it.  If you want to learn the Ediflex system, we offer workshops
    to introduce the capabilities of electronic post-production."
    Wide Acceptance Of Real Time Preview
         As the benefits of electronic post-production surpass those
    of traditional editing systems involving splicing or dubbing,
    real time preview systems are becoming increasingly important
    throughout all of Hollywood.  Ediflex systems, for example, are
    currently in use at Lorimar and Universal Studios.  "Falcon
    Crest" is edited on Ediflex, and other real time systems have
    been used to edit "Knots Landing," "The Twilight Zone," "Full
    Metal Jacket" by Stanley Kubrick, and the "Living Seas" mini-
    documentary which was edited by Academy Award winner Ben Burtt
    for Walt Disney's EPCOT Center.
         With advanced audio circuits and Dolby B* noise reduction,
    the BR-6400U's four head system assures that performance is of
    the highest possible quality, providing stable pictures in any
    playback mode.
         For more information regarding the BR-6400U, or a full-line
    catalog call the professional Video Communications Division
    toll-free at 1-800-JVC-5825.