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Wayne, N.J. (November 8, 1995) -- For the first time, High 
Definition Television (HDTV) programs are available for public 
viewing, thanks to JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS' new W-VHS format.  
This innovative new technology from the inventor of both the VHS 
and the S-VHS formats delivers the first affordable HDTV VCR, the 

     "When we first introduced the W-VHS format in 1994, we knew 
that it was only a matter of time before commercial applications 
would surface for the technology," said Steve Martin, national 
marketing development manager for JVC's HDTV products.  "The 
unbeatable resolution that JVC's W-VHS HDTV format offers, coupled 
with the dramatic, wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio, makes this an 
ideal format for many types of programs.  The SR-W320 
recorder/player is highly advanced but is as easy to operate as a 
standard VCR." 

     Communicore Inc., a home entertainment company, has negotiated 
an exclusive agreement with KCTS, a public television station in 
Seattle, Washington, to distribute its "Over" series of award 
winning High Definition programs.  Select retail dealers and 
Communicore's High Definition catalog will offer the programs in 
JVC's W-VHS High Definition format.  Each stunning high definition 
video in the series is priced at $250. 

     Originally shot with HDTV equipment, the programs, including 
"Over America," "Over California,"  "Over Arizona," and "Washington 
D.C., Our Nation's Capital," offer breathtaking panoramic views of 
America from the air and an original musical score in hi-fi stereo.  
With resolution approaching 35mm film and the wide screen, viewers 
experience the sensation of watching the scene from an airplane 

     "I have been preaching the gospel of HDTV since the 80's, 
doing demonstrations all over the country," said Jim Davies, 
president of Communicore.  "Finally, through the genius of the W-
VHS machine from JVC, we can deliver on that promise.  We are on 
the verge of changing home entertainment forever." 

     Communicore is presently talking with other programming 
sources and expects to offer many new HDTV titles including feature 
films, concerts, documentaries and more. 

     The SR-W320 records and plays back Standard Definition (SD) in 
the NTSC 4:3 aspect ratio on ordinary VHS and S-VHS cassettes, and 
High Definition (HD) on special tape in a VHS-type shell.  Because 
of its versatility, the W-VHS machine will not make existing VHS 
libraries obsolete. 

     The W-VHS player lists for $9,850.  Most data grade and all 
graphics grade multi-scan video projectors are capable of 
displaying high definition, but may require transcorder interface 
for use with the W-VHS format. 

     "The high cost of HDTV has been a drawback to its popularity 
until now,"  said David Walton, JVC's communications marketing 
manager.  "But, with the availability of our W-VHS recorder/player, 
HDTV can become a reality for various applications, including 
corporate board rooms, the entertainment field, and the scientific 
and medical fields for training and documentation purposes." 

     Making HDTV a reality, JVC offers the KH-100U camera, a 3-CCD 
HDTV camera, and the HV-M260U HDTV monitor in addition to the SR-
W320U recorder/player.  

     JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY distributes a complete line 
of broadcast and professional equipment including cameras, 
recorders, and editing products. For more information about HDTV 
products, contact Dave Walton, at 1-800-526-5308.  For information 
regarding Communicore's "Over" series, call Jim Davies, at 407-324-