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    Features of the Titler Ease of use:

  • Keyboard controlled
  • On-screen pop-up menus
  • Single key edit functions
  • Helpful "Edit screen" prompts: - Page number being edited - Line number being edited - Sequence name - 1/2 scale representation of actual screen display with visible line marker - Single key save, load, and run sequence controls - supports either single monitor or dual monitor setup Characters:
  • 70 nanosecond characters (640 X 200 resolution)
  • San serif font, 3 sizes
  • Proportionally spaced characters
  • 4 colors selectable from 512 available with selectable RGB levels
  • 3-D characters with adjustable third dimension
  • Drop shadow characters (adjustable drop shadow)
  • Character outlining
  • Selectable keying color
  • See-through characters Formatting:
  • Visibly bordered safe title area
  • Page format preview
  • Adjustable baseline for vertical position of first line
  • Margin settings
  • Left, right, or center justification
  • Single-key centering
  • Horizontal line adjustment
  • Line spacing adjustment
  • Character spacing adjustment
  • Adjustable separator/underscore Transitions/Motion/Sequencing
  • Selectable automatic or manual sequence modes
  • Cut (variable hold time)
  • Smooth roll (multiple speed)
  • Smooth crawl (multiple speed)
  • Fade in/out (multiple rates)
  • Type/teletype effect (multiple speed)
  • Variable title hold time
  • Start text on/off screen
  • Page-to-page linking (in any order)
  • Continuous loop mode
  • Sequence storage and retrieval
  • Manual pause/start
  • Manual page forward/page back control
  • Random page select mode
  • Adjustable "page markers" for controlling intervals & rolls Storage:
  • All software is cartridge based. No floppy disks
  • Cartridge RAM module for storage of 20 pages of text
  • Additional RAM storage modules available. Miscellaneous:
  • "Chalkboard" option for drawing capability
  • Expandable to a disk based PC (IBM compatible)
  • Expandable to a full graphics creation system

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