MSRP: $2,600.00

    *High-quality video recording and playback

    The S-VHS video recording system makes possible the recording and playback of video signals with higher resolution and better quality.

    *Hi-Fi VHS audio

    A pair of rotary heads is provided exclusively for the recording and playback of hi-fi audio signals with an extended frequency response and dynamic range. The Hi-Fi audio recording feature can be switched on and off locally or using the serial remote control.

    *Heavy-duty mechanism

    Independent direct-drive motors are provided for the head drum, capstan and reels. For higher reliability and durability, all components are mounted in a heavy-duty aluminum chassis.

    *Front panel test points and hour meter

    To facilitate maintenance, test points and the hour meter showing the total running time are on the front panel.

    *Independent meters

    Meters are provided for the Channel 1 and Channel 2 audio levels and video signal level (recording) and tracking (playback).

    *Video AGC

    The video level can be set automatically by the AGC circuit which is equipped with a manual override.

    *Erasure prevention tab override

    The BR-S710U can record on cassettes the erasure prevention tab of which has been removed. This feature can be defeated by setting an internal DIP switch.

    *Large, enforcing tape guides

    The tape guides are designed to correct the insertion direction of cassettes. An optional cassette loader can be mounted.

    *Dual remote control systems

    Two tapes of remote control can be used; a parallel model with a 34-pin connector and a serial model with an RCA pin plug.

    *CTL code terminals

    Input and output connectors are provided for connection of a CTL code generator conforming to the VHS Index and Address Search System.

    *External sync connector

    For synchronization with other video equipment, an external sync input is provided.

    *Other features


  • noise reduction for linear audio track. -Large, easy-to-see REC indicator. -Rails for installation in 19 inch EIA rack can be provided. -Cleaning window provided in top panel for easy servicing.

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