MSRP: $2,600.00

    HIGH PICTURE QUALITY In addition to recording and playing back regular VHS signals in the SP (standard play) mode, the BR-S711U is capable of S-VHS recording and playback in the SP and EP (extended play) modes. S-VHS makes possible the recording and playback of video signals with higher resolution and better quality. When used in a serial code remote control system, switching between S-VHS SP, S-VHS EP and VHS SP can be remote-controlled.

    HI-FI AUDIO A pair of rotary heads is provided exclusively for the recording and playback of Hi-Fi audio signals with an extended frequency response and dynamic range as well as minimal wow and flutter. The Hi-Fi audio recording feature can be switched on and off locally or by using the serial remote control.

    DUAL REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEMS Parallel and serial remote controls can be used. The parallel model has a VTR information feedback function and uses a 34-pin connector, while the serial model is connected using an RCA pin plug for easy setting up of dubbing systems. (Both remote controls are optional.)

    FRONT PANEL TEST POINTS AND HOUR METER To facilitate testing and maintenance, test points for Hi-Fi audio head output, video head output, Hi-Fi audio output and normal audio output are provided on the front panel together with an hour meter showing the total running time up to 2000 hours.


  • Heavy-duty mechanism using direct-drive motors and an aluminum chassis.
  • Separate Hi-Fi and normal audio inputs for recording independent soundtracks.
  • Automatic video head cleaning mechanism.
  • Independent meters for channel 1/channel 2 audio levels and video level/tracking,
  • Centralized indications for tape running, recording mode and warning.
  • Erasure prevention tab override
  • Large tape guides.
  • Dolby noise reduction for two-channel linear audio track.
  • Cleaning window provided in top panel for easy servicing.
  • Installation in a 19-inch EIA rack is possible.

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