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  • 1080 line interlace HDTV Camera SMPTE 240M (rectangular pixel)or SMPTE 274M (square pixel)versions
  • 2/3 inch 16:9 IT micro-lens CCD (1 million pixels)
  • 750 Horizontal TV Line resolution
  • Signal to noise ratio 52 dB
  • Lightweight 10.2 lbs.(4.6 kg)without lens
  • Same size as conventional camera; 5.1 x 10.2 x 18.9 (130 x 260 x 480mm)
  • Shoulder held operability and mobility
  • Sensitivity of F7 at 2000 lux for flexible shooting
  • Low vertical smear less than--110 dB due to low reflection CCD shielding screen
  • Low power consumption of 30 W
  • Compatible with W-VHS High definition format
  • Scan line video processing (SVP)Digital Signal processor developed together with TI generates high TV line resolution combined with both vertical and horizontal detail correction
  • 500 percent dynamic range for large contrast ratios from shadows to highlights
  • Compatibility with Anton Bauer batteries provides for more than 60 minutes of shooting time
  • Two white balance memories in addition to standard tungsten /sunlight setting
  • Variable scan to synchronize shutter speed with TV monitors or computer displays
  • Viewfinder overscan safety zone indication modes
  • Shutter priority operation
  • 2/3 -inch lens compatibility

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