MSRP: $6,785.00
The Camplex S5-SYSTEM is a high-performance, low-cost bi-directional multiplexing system that uses a single 75 ohm coaxial cable to send composite video, audio, camera power, and camera control data required for live camera productions. Reliably passing more than 600 TV lines of resolution, Camplex works superbly with all professional JVC cameras and camcorders. It extends effective remote operating distances far beyond standard multicore capabilities while reducing the cabling cost, time, and labor required to unload, set up, and shoot a sequence.

  • Provides safe microprocessed DC power for camera, lens, viewfinder
  • Digital data interface for remote controller/CCU.
  • Universally adapts to any professional JVC camera or camcorder
  • Universal Intercom interface (2-wire or 4-wire)
  • Selectable Genlock or return Video
  • PGM audio
  • IFB/auxiliary audio return
  • Call/tally

System includes: Camera adapter and cable, control unit, rack adapter, docking adapter, power unit, control data plus port and cable.
For use with all cameras and camcorders used with CCU