MSRP: $9,995.00

The KM-H3000U is a powerful single Multi-Level Effects (MLE) switcher ideal for small production studios, OB vans and flight packs. Its fully digital multi resolution design makes it perfect for use with our JVC ProHD GY-HM150U and HM700 Series camcorders.

The KM-H3000 features a compact single-piece design, allowing it to be installed virtually anywhere, even in cramped OB vans. Despite its small size, the KM-H3000U is packed with high end features and performance.


  • 12 HD/SD-SDI inputs
  • Frame Synchronizers on 4 inputs
  • 4 channels of Still/Animation Stores with USB media interface
    (separated into 2 video/alpha pairs)
  • 480i, 576i, 720p, and 1080i are all fully supported and menu selectable
  • 4 channel video format converter, assignable to any external input or any switcher bus


  • 2 program, 1 preview
  • 3 SDI Aux Outputs (supports clean feed)
  • 1 down converted output

10 Window Multi-Viewer

  • 10 window view of preview and program outputs
  • Any input can be routed to any window
  • PV/PGM labels and tally indication

Powerful Keying Capability

  • 3 keyers: 2 upstream, 1 downstream
  • All keyers offer linear luminance keying plus masking
  • High end broadcast level chrominance keying (upstream)
  • All keyers have full access to all internal and external inputs

Reference Generation

  • Black Burst / Tri-Level Reference Input
  • 3 Reference Outputs
  • Can serve as reference loop-through
  • Reference output timing can be adjusted
  • Can serve as system reference when there's no reference in provided

Practical, Excellent Quality Effects Capability

  • Two 2D DVE for classic two box interviews
  • Pattern Generator for Matte Wash, Wipes, and Masks
  • 10 setup memories, stored to USB
  • Instant preview of next transition and special effects

Easy to Use, and Powerful

  • Fast access straightforward Auto Follow menu system
  • Professional 2 axis joystick
  • High End Pushbuttons with 30-bit color depth
  • High End fader with LEDs
  • Panel Glow — all buttons can be viewed in darkened environments

External Control

  • 8 Tally outputs
  • 24 GPIs to trigger effects and transitions
  • RS-422 industry-standard editor control
  • USB on the panel for stills, preference settings, and software upgrades
  • Ethernet port for uploading stills and remote diagnostics
  • In-field software upgradeable

Practically Designed Power Inputs

  • Redundant Power option
  • 100 — 240v dual external brick power supplies providing 12v to the unit
  • Locking power retainers
  • Accessible power switch with protective ridges

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