REMOTE LENS CONTROL FOR GY-HC500/550, GY-HM170/180/250/620/650

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The HZ-HM600VZR is a remote lens control specifically calibrated for the GY-HM170U, GY-HM250U, GY-LS300CHU**, GY-HC500/550 series, GY-HM620U, GY-HM660U, GY-HM850U** and GY-HM890U** Cameras. It plugs into the 2.5mm remote (LANC/Control-L) connector on the camera, and is ideal when operating the camcorder using a tripod, jib, crane or boom*.

Remote functions are all conveniently available and controllable with a single hand. Zoom is achieved via a wide sweep variable rocker control. Focus is on the right side and is a rocker style control for manual focus. Iris control is achieved through two separate controls to either increase or decrease the lens iris. On the top right is the "R" button to manually control record start / stop. A red LED illuminates during recording.

Control functions:

  • A: Auto Focus toggle
  • DATA: Toggles on-screen display
  • F-: Iris open
  • F+: Iris close
  • ON: Auto Iris toggle
  • R: Record
  • FOCUS: focus rocker
  • (rocker): zoom

* When using on a jib, crane or boom, a 2.5mm extension cable is required.

** Lens control with the GY-LS300CHU, GY-HM850U and GY-HM890U cameras depends on the lens being used. Some functions may not be controllable.

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