MSRP: $750.00

The ProHD Wireless Bridge Camera Adapter is designed for JVC shoulder mounted camcorders. It features a 5 GHz IP67 rated Wi-Fi® radio with high gain omni-directional antenna. When used with the WB-MAP100 Vehicle Mounted Mobile Access Point, operational range is up to 2,000 feet. Its signal extends well into buildings and other venues where backpack cellular systems fail. That's because your camera's signal only needs to reach your nearby vehicle, not the closest cell tower. And because it's so affordable, every camera in your facility can be equipped with a WB-MCA100.

The adapter plugs into the JVC camera using a provided USB connection and receives its power through a D-tap cable from the camera's battery. Your operator begins transmission by pressing a single button on the camera. Link status information is provided through the camera's viewfinder.

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