MSRP: $1,150.00

The WB-MAP100 is a 5.1 - 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi® access point designed to provide maximum indoor and outdoor signal coverage. The unit includes a 10dB gain antenna. Both the electronics unit and antenna are IP67 (moisture) rated and are securely mounted to a base plate. The WB-MAP100 is ideal for providing strong Wi-Fi coverage in stadiums, gymnasiums, auditoriums and classrooms. A single LAN connection is all that is required. Power may be supplied through PoE (injector supplied) or with the included AC power supply.

As an integral component of the ProHD Bridge, the WB-MAP100 it mounts to the vehicle roof alongside the WB-CELL200 Cellular Uplink. It receives the 5GHz signals from the cameras and other network devices and delivers them to the uplink via a short network cable. All of the electronics of both the access point and uplink are IP67 (moisture) rated and designed all weather and temperature conditions. The WB-MAP100 creates a secure mobile hotspot that allows your crew to access newsroom systems, file servers and the internet all while streaming live video.

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