MSRP: $3,495.00
  • S-VHS recorder with editing recorder capability (BR-S800U) and S-VHS player with editing feeder capability
  • Economical A/B Roll editing with RM-G805U and cuts editing with RM-G800U
  • High performance by digital Y/C separator (BR-S800U)
  • Open-ended system architecture with plug-in TC, DNR, RS-232C I/F and RS-422A I/F capability
  • Menu Display and On-screen mode check
  • 33 times normal speed search system with search dial
  • Hi-Fi Stereo system with a dynamic range of more than 85 dB
  • Two-channel normal audio with switchable Dolby B* noise reduction
  • Two level meters switchable between Hi-Fi audio and normal audio
  • Independent audio record level controls for four channels (BR-S800U)
  • Six-Digit time counter for indication of either CTL Time-code and CTL data
  • Provided CTL time-code generator/reader (BR-S800U)
  • Audio dubbing capability (BR-S800U)
  • External timer playback/recording capability (BR-S800U)
  • Automatic repeat playback and counter search capability
  • Headphones jack with adjustable level output
  • External sync capability
  • Wired remote control (option RM-G30U)
  • Automatic head cleaning mechanism
  • Audio monitor output
  • Two composite video signal outputs
  • Heavy-duty mechanism.
  • 19-inch EIA rack mount capability (4 unit)