MSRP: $8,000.00

  • Ergonomic design: controls are conveniently located for ease of use
  • Light weight less than 7.2 kg/15.2 lbs. including typical lens, viewfinder, battery and tape
  • Only 30 watts power requirement while recording with DY-70
  • Fully digital camera to tape parallel digital signal recording, rugged and high quality 50 Mbps, 8-bit, 4:2:2 component D-9 format
  • 2-hour (124 minutes) D-9 recording time with DS-124 cassette
  • Records four 16-bit, 48 kHz PCM audio channels with more than 80 dB dynamic range (75 dB in camcorder playback).
  • Both XLR and 6-pin camera microphone inputs, plus 2 additional mic/line XLR inputs


  • Three 1/2" 380k(DY-70U)/440k(DY-70E) pixel IT micro lens CCDs. Low CCD vertical smear level of -120 dB
  • High sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lux gives creative flexibility and ease of lighting
  • Lolux mode provides outstanding reproduction down to 0.75 lux
  • Digital signal processing enables natural detail enhancement, and elimination of spot noise
  • 14-bit DSP gives exceptional reproduction of dark areas, highlights and highlight color
  • Automatic shooting from 4 to 24,000 lux thanks to JVC's pioneering Full Auto Shooting (FAS) mode with continuous automatic white balance
  • Other features: One touch black stretch/compress, smooth transition mode, precision "Accufocus" mode, adjustable gamma point, adjustable detail frequency, and continuous auto-black (CAB).


  • Up to 124 minutes uninterrupted recording with DS-124 cassette
  • Robust 1/2-inch metal particle cassettes
  • Automatic editing function (AEF) for smooth cuts
  • 4x picture search in both directions
  • Quick review function
  • High-quality video out for color video playback or field monitoring
  • +48 V phantom power supply for all XLR microphone inputs
  • Built-in monitor speaker and headphones jack
  • SMPTE/EBU time code generator with external input and output, external lock, jam sync and seamless time code between takes
  • Time/date generator
  • Large LCD display indicates time code, modes and functions
  • Fully menu configurable
  • Tape/battery remaining indication
  • Rugged die-cast chassis using ceramic tape guide rollers and sapphire flanges for long life
  • Long life proven D-9 tape transport and head assembly
  • Durable and reliable center rotating head design

Included accessories

  • Tripod plate
  • 6-pin camera microphone
  • Anton Bauer battery holder
  • Setup box