MSRP: $7,845.00
  • 380,000 micro lens pixel 1/2-inch CCDs deliver 750 lines of horizontal resolution for natural, sharp pictures.
  • Interline Transfer CCDs with Micro Lens Technology provide: ? High sensitivity of F8 at 2000 Lux ? Negligible vertical smear when shooting highlights
  • High S/N ratio of 62 dB for quiet pictures.
  • New CCD signal process technology in LOLUX mode requires only 2 Lux for shooting in almost total darkness.
  • Full Auto Shooting with manual override provides Auto Iris with Multizone Iris Weighing, Enhanced Variable Gain (ALC: Automatic Lever Control), Variable Shutter (EEI: Extended Electronic Iris), and Full Time Auto White.
  • Innovative Multizone Iris Weighting system and Automatic Peak/Average Balance Detection (APB) enhance accuracy of auto iris
  • Universal dockability. Dockable directly with D-9, Mini DV, and Professional S-VHS. Adapters allow docking with MII, Hi8, Professional Betacam . and Broadcast Betacam ..
  • Viewfinder Status System incorporated in large 1.5-inch viewfinder displays audio levels, accumulated and remaining recording time, VTR operation, battery voltage, and camera set-up
  • The KY-19U features a color matrix circuit to assure accurate color reproduction.
  • Variable Scan ensures flicker-free shooting of CRTs