MSRP: $5,265.00
  • 3-CCD RGB prism block with more than 1.3 million effective pixels, provides high resolution images
  • High sensitivity means that images can be captured over a wide range of lighting conditions
  • Complementing the Auto White-Balance function is intelligent Auto Iris which makes the KY-F58U particularly well-suited to microscopy and other applications which may have irregular reflections
  • The CCU features an RGB image memory and framestore for internal capture and review of a single high quality still image. Optional SAS-K58SU internal SCSI capture board also available.
  • The KY-F58U has instant connectivity to a wide range of existing optical equipment thanks to its C-mount being a universal standard for lens to camera coupling. The camera head also includes connection for motorized lens control
  • An RS-232C port is provided for direct connection to a PC, providing additional remote serial digital control
  • The KY-F58U comes standard with a 16.4 feet (5 m) umbilical cord between head and CCU. This may be extended to 82 feet (25 m)
  • Memory for up to 16 operator settings (scene files)
  • Built-in key functions: Shutter iris/Full-time auto white/Freeze function/Random trigger function/Long time exposure function

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