MSRP: $9,850.00

  • W-VHS format HD mode offers high-definition recording and playback of high-vision signals on a base band.

  • W-VHS format SD mode also available to ensure high-quality picture for the existing TV format sources.

  • W-VHS metal compatible high-power Sendust heads

  • HD super solid DD mechanism enables metal tapes to run with a greater stability

  • The existing VHS/S-VHS video can be recorded and played back with a superb quality.

  • Built-in RS-232C enables you to externally control this unit from your personal computer. What is HD mode? (HD denotes High Definition) In HD mode, HDTV signals are recorded using multiple tracks, HDTV signal was originally developed by NHK of Japan, and it stands for High- Definition Television.

    HDTV is a next generation broadcasting system which eables high- definition picture quality in comparision to conventional NTSC system.

    What is SD mode? (SD denotes Standard Definition) In SD mode standerd TV signals are recorded on a single track with high picture quality and long recording times.

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