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  • World's smallest and lightest HD camera;at least one fifth the size of other manufacturers
  • High definition recording is possible with SR-W7U W-VHS VCR
  • Practical system cost with monitor and recorder;similar to standard definition
  • Uses include medical and industrial applications;Endoscopic examination,Micro surgery,Pathological microscopy,Arthroscopy,etc.
  • Medical UL2601-1 certification
  • 800 horizontal ,650 vertical TV lines resolution
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Separate Camera head and camera control unit
  • Camera head weighs 8.1 ounces,(230 g),measures 59 (W)x 79 (D)x 7 (H)mm
  • High definition image generated by new 4 CCD dual green half pitch offset CCD system
  • Positive /negative images
  • Automatic sensitivity control (with over /under adjustment):
    -AGC:Automatic gain control
    -ALC:Automatic gain control +Automatic Iris
  • White balance:Automatic red and blue adjust,manual,and pre-set 3200K or 5600K
  • Laparoscope,Microscope and Arthroscope System accessories:
    AA-V112U AC power adapter,power cable
    AA-V31U Isolation transformer
    GL-V61U Microscope adapter
    GL-V62U 1/2 inch bayonet conversion adapter
    GL-V63U Laparoscope adapter
    GV-SCS1JU SCSI interface
    VC-V3U 3 meter camera cable
    VC-V10U 10 meter camera cable

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