MC-8000 Series


High-Volume Data Management Solutions Need Large Capacity and High Performance
The MC-8000U Series Library are designed to meet the demands for a flexible and high-capacity data storage solution. Compatible with a variety of removable media, the MC-8000U Series is ideal for archiving everything from text-based documents to CAD data, high resolution images and digital audio/video files.
Choice of drives
You can choose to have any type and combination of installed drives (CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD-R, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM,etc). Multiple drive types can be installed at the same time*.
Large capacity of 5.6 TB
Utilizing the latest 4.7GB DVD-RAM Drives, Flip Mechanism and 9.4GB double-sided media for the MC-8600U, JVC can offer up to 5.6TB of available on-line rewritable storage.
High-speed disc changer
JVC optimizes data delivery times by inverting the disc during vertical positioning or "flipping-on-the-fly." This eliminates the additional time needed to transport the media to a specified location, invert the disc, and then transport the inverted disc to its destination. All of the specifications of a high-speed and reliable jukebox mechanism are retained.
Flexible configuration
The number of SCSI buses, drive bays**, and installation method can all be custom configured according to each customer's specifications.

* A device driver and application software supporting mixed drives and media is required.
** Maximum number of drives can be extended to 9 for MC-8200U and 12 for MC-8600U.