Advanced Audio Guidance System Makes Tours More Interesting And Enjoyable
Now with Stereo MP3 Audio

While the subjective appeal of exhibits such as a work of art or a new product can be enhanced with more information, many of the traditional means of conveying this information can actually detract from the viewer’s experience. PA systems are noisy, explanation panels can spoil the visual atmosphere, and lecturing tour guides can be distracting. With JVC’s portable ROM player and earphone, visitors to your museum, showroom or factory can enjoy a full audio description of what they are seeing when they see it. Automatically or manually activated recorded information will enhance your visitors’ understanding without irritating or distracting them. Now, with high-quality MP3 compression, your presentations can also include full-fidelity stereo sound.

  • MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) compression and 44.1 kHz sampling to produce high-quality stereo sound
  • Easy operation with large LCD and buttons
  • Three different ways to initiate playback
  • Default system settings (starting method, pause, auto power off, toggle play and message) can be adjusted as required
  • Skip key to advance or reverse
  • Pause capability during playback
  • Easy-to-understand slow speed playback
  • Numeric key input with sound for easy operation and confirmation even in the dark
  • Flash memory card for reliable storage
  • Audio descriptions can be provided in up to 30 different languages with one-touch switching between languages
  • Long-lasting Lithium battery
  • Power-saving auto power off function