20:1 LENS w/EXTENDER (2/3-inch cameras)

MSRP: $8,400.00

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With JVC's stand alone, D-9 and Professional-DV 2/3-inch digital cameras producing high quality pictures, it is more important than ever to use a quality lens. Fujinon's super EBC coatings and inner focus produce high quality pictures at a price that is well matched to all JVC 2/3-inch 4:3 and 16:9 cameras and camcorders. This Fujinon 20:1 zoom lens produces wider and tighter viewing angles than previous models, and features a 2X extender.

Most 16:9 cameras exhibit a reduction of 20% viewing angle in the 4:3 mode. In other words, the lens becomes slightly more telephoto in the 4:3 mode only. A front mounted ratio converter offers a simple and economical alternative to a switchable lens for this loss of angle.


  • Focal length 8.6 to 172mm
  • 2X Extender
  • Filter size 82mm P = 0.75
  • Minimum object distance 0.9m
  • Macro
  • Inner focus
  • Max aperture F1.2
  • 82mm Filter size
  • Compatible with JVC standard HZ-ZS13U zoom & HZ-FM13U focus remotes

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