ZCAM 3D Camera


  • Perform keying without color background
  • Works in a wide range of lighting conditions
  • Enables integration of three-dimensional effects in real time
  • Works with leading broadcast ENG style cameras
ZCAM (tm) is a revolutionary technology by 3DV Systems, with critical optical components designed by JVC, that captures not only normal two dimensional video, but also measures the depth of each pixel in the image. The system then supplements every video frame with an additional frame called the "Zbuffer." This additional data can then be used in conjunction with a keyer, digital graphics system, or other device to enable a variety of useful effects.

Zbuffer data can be used in real time, or recorded along with normal video as "Objects" for later use. When you cover high-profile live events such as the Presidential Election, the NBA Playoffs or the Superbowl, competition is intense. Object video gives you an edge. You can enhance your live coverage with the effects and enhancements normally only available for movies that go through a lengthy post-production editing process. Once you capture live action footage in object video format, you can not only make it more visually engaging, but also sell advertising right in context of the live event. Object video not only enhances your current programming and opens up new revenue streams; it also adds tremendous value to the delivery of video over the Web.

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