When you're ready for the best screening room or home theater projector, you're ready for JVC's DLA-G150CL -- four optional lenses and film-quality image reproduction make this the ultimate dream machine for the most discriminating viewers.

  • JVC's original D-ILA technology for unsurpassed image quality
  • High-resolution, film-like images
  • Superb 600:1 contrast ratio
  • Professional D65-standard gray scale reproduction
  • Four optional lenses for flexible installations
  • De-interlacer for more natural-looking images
  • 420 W Xenon lamp for natural color reproduction
  • 1000 ANSI lumens at 6500K
  • Switchable 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio
  • DVI-D connector (24-pin)
  • Direct connection to various sources
  • RS-232C input/output
  • Lamp Power Control mode
  • 7-step light output control
  • Low-noise design
  • "Class B" classification approved for home use
  • Easy-to-use wireless remote control

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