MSRP: $1,299.95
  • Ideal VTR for home theater, screening room, critical viewing of 1080i and 720P
  • Record and playback via i.Link (IEEE 1394) terminal
  • HDTV Digital Broadcast Bitstream Recording/ Playback
  • Built-in MPEG2 Decoder for Direct Connection to D-ILA projectors, plasma, or HD monitor
  • Can also record standard definition and analog S-VHS/VHS
  • Uses economical oxide 1/2-inch cassettes (each with about 9 times the capacity of a DVD)
  • HS mode (28.2 Mbps) for up to 4 hours HDTV digital recording
  • STD Mode (14.1 Mbps) for up to 8 hours SD digital recording
  • LS3 Mode (4.7 Mbps) for up to 24 hours digital recording