MSRP: $3,495.00

Real-time MPEG-4 audio and video transmission and reception in a compact, self-contained unit.

JVC's MPEG-4 codec allows you to transmit and simultaneously receive MPEG-4 video and audio, in real-time, over an IP network. Flexible and versatile, the DM-NC40 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including streaming and teleconferencing. The DM-NC40U can be used in three distintive ways:

  • As a real-time video streaming encoder/server
    (one-way transmission, one to many users)
  • As a teleconferencing codec with picture-in-picture and remote control
    (two-way transmission)
  • Security/surveillance streaming server with remote control of pan-tilt-zoom and switching system
The DM-NC40 allows you to transmit and receive ISMA (Internet Streaming Media Alliance) compliant MPEG-4 video and audio over an IP network and the Internet. The MPEG-4 stream produced by the DM-NC40 can be played on virtually any computer platform with all major media players such as:

- Windows Media Player
- Quicktime Player
- Real Medial Player
- Platform 4 Player

Other features include:

  • Selectable 56 Kbps -- 2 Mbps bit rate
  • Unicast and Multicast support for video streaming
  • Record of motion JPEG images on CF Card
  • RS-232 / 422 / 485 data path for remote control of external equipment
  • Four Alarm Inputs to trigger Video Capture for security applications
  • Eight discrete 5-volt trigger outputs for external equipment control over an IP network and / or Internet

Being a highly integrated network appliance, DM-NC40 provides reliable, hacker-proof and easy to set up all-in-one solution for various video-over-IP applications including distant learning, video streaming, teleconferencing and security.

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