MSRP: $1,995.00
This amazingly compact VTR opens up a whole new world of High Definition recording and playback! It's the ideal companion to JVC's revolutionary GY-HD100U HDTV camcorder, allowing users to transfer to and from their editing system without using their camera. But the CU-VH1U offers a whole lot more. Now you can playback breathtaking HDTV footage anywhere and display it on the built-in LCD screen, or through a connected HD monitor or projector. It's the world's first truly portable HD VTR!

  • True HD recording (720/30p) or SD recording (480/60p) via IEEE-1394 input
  • Versatile playback (720/30p, 480/60p, or 480i) at various rates including 1080i
    Note: 24p playback is not possible through the LCD screen or the analog outputs. However, 24p recordings can be output through IEEE-1394 and dubbed to a non-linear editing system or D-VHS recorder.
  • Downconverts HD (except 24p) to 480i for playback on standard monitors
  • Built-in 3.5-inch LCD display
  • Digital dubbing via IEEE-3394 (both MPEG2 and DV)
  • SD Memory card still capture of HD footage
  • Professional contruction with BNC connectors
  • Included rechargeable battery, AC Adapter/Charger

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