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Save Time & Space! Make Archiving and Copying DVDs Quick & Easy!

The SR-MV30U is a unique combination VHS/S-VHS tape and DVD-R disk recorder. By combining these functions into a single unit, JVC has made it easy to do a variety of tasks that previously would have required an expensive, complicated setup:

  • Make a DVD copy of a VHS or S-VHS tape (one button)*
  • Make a tape copy of a DVD (one button)*
  • Make a digital DVD recording of IEEE-1394 (DV) input from camcorder or other source
  • Make a tape copy of ANY supported disk recording
    • DVD Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW/-R
    • JPEG Digital Still (slide show)
    • MP3 Audio Recording
    • CD Audio
  • Record off air onto DVD and tape simultaneously
    (Dual tuners allow recording of separate program material.)
  • High quality DVD playback via Progressive Scan Output.
  • Playback VHS and S-VHS tapes with improved quality (Progressive Scan Output with built-in TBC and Frame Synchronizer)
  • Playback separate DVD and tape programs simultaneously
  • Catalog up to 1300 DVD programs (internal memory--no disk required)
  • Recording Modes: XP, SP, LP, EP, Automatic
  • Versatile Recording/Playback Formats:
    • Recordable formats: DVD-RAM, DVD-RW (VR and Video formats), DVD-R
    • Playable formats: DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW/-R, CD, VCD, CD-R/RW,MP3/JPEG Digital Still (CD-R/RW)
Now perform all of these functions and more with a single, easy to use unit that connects just like a single VCR. No authoring is necessary. No complicated computer programs to use. The SR-MV30U is a product that you can begin using immediately.

* The SR-MV30U will not duplicate copy-protected material.

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