Designed specifically to function within a non-linear editing system, the BR-DV6000U(B) is an ideal spooler and flexible, easy-to-use editing machine with a variety of interfaces. Compact design, long-time recording ability and a wide range of options including network board, make the BR-DV6000U(B) the right choice for professional studio needs.

  • NTSC/PAL recording and playback
  • IEEE1394, Component, Y/C and composite input/output
  • Expanded compatibility with the latest professional editing systems
  • DVCAMTM playback capability
  • Advanced digital equalization circuit allows playback of material recorded on out-of-spec machines
  • RS-422 interface, 12-pin JVC interface
  • +/- 0 frame accuracy
  • SMPTE time code generator and I/O
  • Time code copy mode
  • Memorizes up to 5 auto CUE UP points
  • Optional SDI output board (SA-X65U)
  • Optional XLR audio inputs/outputs
  • Manual audio record controls
  • Insert/assemble editing
  • Audio dubbing
  • Microphone input
  • Wired remote control with multi-machine daisy chain
  • External sync
  • External timer
  • 7.5 IRE setup on/off [Flash tutorial]
  • 20x high-speed search, blank search
  • 2.5" Color LCD Monitor (tri-mode with audio metering)
  • GPI, pedal trigger

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