VIDEO DATA RECORDER (1.32 terabyte storage)

MSRP: $11,900.00

The VR-N100U is the easy and practical way to integrate, monitor and record multiple IP based surveillance cameras in a single facility, or in multiple locations.

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  • True-WORM (Write Once Read Many) media data are stored unalterable and thus meet requirements to be accepted as proof in prosecutions.
  • No installing of coaxial cables, multiplexers, etc. as you have to when installing analogue systems.
  • Plug & Watch -- after having been assigned single Mac address the cameras are ready to work and transmit data to the server. All further personal and detail settings can be made comfortably via web browser.
  • Accessing live and archived images, server, and cameras can be done via one browser only via intranet or internet connection.
  • Existing, free resources of installed LANs are used efficiently.
  • Using wireless LAN technology is possible. Hence an enormous flexibility is given for changing environments.
  • An integrated and comfortable search functionality quickly gives access to image data. This is supported by the latest compression procedures to keep the amount of data stored at its minimum.
  • Event controlled video recording also helps to keep archived data to a minimum and enables a better qualification of potential alarms.
  • Fully Automatic
    * Self configuring
    * Dynamic updates
    * Increases network throughput
    * Installs like CCTV
  • Secure
    * Automatic and Dynamic Firewall/ Intrusion Detection
    * Add all cameras to the firewall automatically
    * Single IP address manages up to 60,000 cameras
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