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Introducing Firestore DR-HD100, the first DV and ProHD disk recorder designed for the JVC GY-HD100 camcorder. Now everybody can take advantage of tapeless acquisition with true Direct To Edit™ (DTE) Technology and confidence recording using the smallest FireStore ever!

The DR-HD100 interfaces with your JVC GY-HD100 camcorder using a single FireWire cable that passes audio, video, timecode and control information. When a tape is present, each press of start and stop on your GY-HD100's record button will create an individual clip on disk. The DR-HD100 features a comprehensive backlit display, menu system and buttons allowing easy control and management. Additionally, with the JVC GY-HD100 you can monitor the DR-HD100 time code and disk space remaining in the viewfinder. You can preview clips in the GY-HD100's viewfinder or LCD monitor using the DR-HD100's playback mode.

DTE™ technology means that DR-HD100 files are recorded in the HDV/DV editing system's native file format. This means no capturing, no file transfer and no rendering. Files can be used instantly with the most popular applications from Adobe, Apple, Avid, Canopus, Pinnacle and many more.