MSRP: $499.00
The SR-MV40US is designed for use in educational institutions, video production studios, corporate and government installations. It simplifies the DVD recording process and allows archiving of existing S-VHS and VHS libraries to DVD with a single push of the button. Its built in IEEE-1394 connector provides an easy connection to popular editing systems from AppleŽ, AdobeŽ, and AvidŽ.

Unlike consumer models, an Automatic Finalize function simplifies and speeds up the DVD creation process. And, DVD's can be authored with the option of "full-repeat" (loop mode) for kiosk-type POS and museum applications.

  • S-VHS,VHS, DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM recording and playback compatibility
  • One-Touch recording from tape to disc and automatic disc finalization for simplified operation
  • Professional MPEG2 encoding, time base correction, and 3D noise reduction for superior picture quality
  • Direct recording from DV and NLE sources via IEEE-1394
  • IEEE-1394 compatibility with major NLE platforms (AvidŽ, AdobeŽ, AppleŽ)(record only)
  • Dual tuners for simultaneous broadcast and cable recording to S-VHS/VHS and DVD-R
  • Mode lockout function to prevent tampering in public areas
  • RF output to simplify distribution and compatibility with existing televisions and display networks
  • A wide range of input and output connections (Composite I/O, YC I/O, Component out, IEEE-1394 in, etc.) for system compatibility, control and to maximize picture and sound quality.
  • Rugged commercial design with BNC video connector, 3-prong power cord.

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