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IDX award winning Lithium Ion technology is known worldwide for providing high reliability and long running times. Special GY-HD100 and GY-HD110 power packages from IDX are now available exclusively from JVC.


Complete ENDURA V-Mount™ Package LE-HD100KIT includes:

  • (1) IDX Battery bracket
  • (1) ENDURA E-7S battery
    • The ENDURA E-7S battery is 71Watt hour (14.8V, 4.8A/h)
    • Typical expected run-time of one (1) E-7S battery is in excess of four (4) hours (with no accessories)
  • (1) VL-2 2-channel multi-format quick charger (No DC output)

The new IDX battery bracket enables IDX's award-winning ENDURA V-Mount™ Lithium Ion batteries to power JVC's new 7.2V GY-HD100 and GY-HD110 camcorders.

Designed specifically for JVC's new high definition, high performance camcorders, the IDX battery bracket makes direct, cable-free connection via the camcorder's battery bay, in a similar way to the standard JVC 7.2V battery. The bracket incorporates IDX's existing P-V plate, allowing direct V-Mounting of any IDX ENDURA V-Mount™ battery. Advanced electronics inside the IDX battery bracket converts the 14.8 volts of the ENDURA V-Mount™ battery to the required 7.2 volts. Built-in over-voltage circuits protect the device.

Please note:

  • The unique part of this package is the new lower cost charger, the VL-2. The VL-2 charger is available exclusively through JVC. The VL-2 charger is only a charger. It does not have a DC output. The DC power can be provided using the JVC standard adapter, AA-P30U which is included with the GY-HD100 and GY-HD110 camcorders.
  • The battery bracket provides regulated 7.2V supply, cable-free, via the contacts in the battery bay at the rear of the camcorder.
  • The battery bracket has a 14.8V D-Tap connection which will provide power simultaneously to accessories such as the DR-HD100 JVC disk recorder.
  • The IDX solution for mounting the DR-HD100 JVC disk recorder is the HWR-HD100KIT accessory bracket kit (sold separately).

The expected run-time for one (1) 71 Watt hour ENDURA E-7S battery is in excess of 4 hours, given the GY-HD100 and GY-HD110 power consumption of 17 Watts (with no accessories).


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