MSRP: $1,795.00

The SR-DVM700 three-in-one video recorder the all-digital formats of MiniDV, 250GB HDD, and DVD in a compact package complete with A-D encoding as well as various editing and dubbing capabilities. DV native format recording to HDD can be performed, allowing the unit to make exact copies of DV tapes. The model is equipped with an RS-232C interface to further enhance system applications. Thanks to these advantages, the SR-DVM700 is ideal for both home users and professionals as it makes media duplication and professional archiving of existing analog footage easier than ever.

  • Easy to use and connect. No complicated wiring
    • Use it as a stand alone editing/dubbing/viewing production system --or--
    • Plug it in to your existing system
  • Multi-format DVD (recording & playback of DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM as well as playback of +R or +RW.)
  • Simple non-linear 'play-list' editing built-in
  • DV Native Format Recording to HDD
    • Up to 18 hours of HDD recording in DV mode—Can be used as extended length DV recorder from input via IEEE-1394!
    Create finished DVD programs without a computer!
  • Compatible with most non-linear editing systems
    • IEEE-1394 dubbing to/from MiniDV tape
    • Program storage on HDD
    • High quality DVD creation and duplication
  • 250 GB HDD storage for extended recording time (up to 473 hours in FR480 mode) and high speed DVD duplication (up to 8X)
  • Full auto repeat discs can be made
  • BNC Video output connector
  • DVCAM™ playback capability
  • RS-232C interface for custom installations

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