Despite its modest price tag, DT-V24L1U features the same robust design and performance as JVC's highly acclaimed DT-V24L1DU studio monitor. This version does not include HD-SDI, but provides full digital connectivity through a lossless DVI-D interface, making it suitable for a wide range of studio and computer monitoring applications. The DT-V24L1U features true native pixel-to-pixel 1080p image display. Superior scaling and de-interlacing, 10-bit 1080p processing combined with traditional rotary image controls, area markers and blue check make the DT-V24L1U the undisputed best value in critical monitoring applications.

  • Native 1920 x 1080 resolution 16:9 Flat Studio Monitor
  • Component HD input accepts 720p, 1080i/1080/24psf signals
  • DVI-D (HDMI compatible) interface
  • 1:1 Scaling Mode for pixel-to-pixel 720p display
  • Rotary adjustment knobs
  • External sync input
  • RS-232C and RS-485 remote control
  • MAKE trigger control (input selection)
  • Supports wide range of HD and computer scan rates
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Monitor Calibration Software

Users who require HD-SDI connections may use an external HD-SDI converter such as the nanoView™, or should consider JVC's DT-V24L1DU.

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