MSRP: $3,261.00

The KA-HD250U converts a GY-HD250U into a studio camera, providing necessary signals (power, genlock, intercom, prompter) as well as remote control of camera functions. It utilizes standard JVC or Sony multicore cable and connectors, and can be added to an existing SD system with no additional cabling.

Equipped with 26P Camera Connector
The KA-HD250U is designed to connect with the RM-HP250AU Camera Control Unit or RM-P210U Remote Control Unit (sold separately). It can be used from up to a distance of 100 meters away. The remote control unit provides power for the camera and thus there is no requirement for a separate power supply for the camera.

Multi-system Output
Output composite signals and RGB component, Y/PB/PR component, or YC separate signals from the 26P camera connector. (Selectable with the menu switch.) When connected to the RM-HP250AU, HDSDI is available from the CCU to feed a digital switcher.

Equipped with Intercom Terminal
Use a headset to communicate with the remote control unit operator. (Dynamic only)

Equipped with Prompter Output Terminal
Output prompter video from the remote control unit as composite signals.

VF-HP840U Viewfinder Compatible
JVC's advanced VF-HP840U was designed for use with the KA-HD250U. It has a native XGA (1024x768) resolution and accepts both HD (1080i/720p)/SD (480i/576i) and 50/60Hz signals. Video (analog component) and power are supplied from KA-HD250U by a single multicore cable. An external HD monitor can also be connected through the external monitor component terminals (BNC 3).

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