MSRP: $4,777.00

The HZ-CA13U ProHD PL film lens adapter with a true optical relay system: a tool specifically designed for Digital Cinematography applications.

Design Concept: Of Filmmakers, By Filmmakers
The design concept of the HZ-CA13U Cine Optical PL Adapter is a result of years of research consulting with filmmakers in identifying the main component most essential to digital cinematography, which has been universally identified as the film lens. To enable the use of film lenses with the ProHD line of camcorders, JVC optical engineers have implemented an all-optical relay system that takes the image from the lens and converts it to the proper proportion of the camcorder imager, preserving the depth of field (DoF) and field of view characteristics. The result is an optical tool that enables the use of 16mm, Super16 and 35mm film lenses with a PL mount with the JVC ProHD series of camcorders.

Angle of View

Advantages and Benefits:
There are numerous advantages and benefits to the HZ-CA13U Cine Optical PL Adapter. First is the characteristics of the optical relay system. Depth of Field (DoF) and field of view of the film lenses are virtually matched with that of film cameras, preserving the visual essence of the optics. The adapter will accommodate a wide range of lensing options, in particular the large implementation of existing 16mm film lenses. Super16mm and 35mm lenses can also be used with no vignetting in the image. As the construction is optics based there is minimal loss of light — approximately 0.5f.

In addition, there is a back focus adjustment to ensure proper and optimal setting of the film lens. Also, the 52mm focal plane is clearly marked as a groove on the barrel, and a 1/4" 20 screw hole at the base of the barrel allows the use of adapters for camera support systems.

The compact and lightweight construction of the adapter enables the camera system to be used in small spaces and tight quarters, as well as being ergonomically stable for a variety of shooting styles and applications. Photographers will find the combination of JVC ProHD camcorders and the HZ-CA13U to be an unparalleled combination of lensing and operation flexibility for digital cinematography.

(NOTE: The image from film lenses will be inverted. The JVC ProHD 200 series camcorders have image inversion capability to right the captured image from the HZ-CA13U to the proper proportion. Please see the operations manual of the 200 series camcorders for additional details.)

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