Handy Two-in-One Design! Just Press a Button and Turn Your Library of S-VHS/VHS Tapes into DVDs.

Whether you're a professional videographer or simply looking to create a pro-grade home theater, the SR-MV55 will double your satisfaction with its two-in-one design incorporating a DVD recorder and S-VHS recorder. If you already own a library of VHS or S-VHS tapes, the SR-MV55 is the convenient way to make a smooth transition from tape to DVD media. Especially suited for use in educational institutions, this product will reduce the space taken up by tapes and let you easily create a long-lasting DVD library. What's more, it gives you a choice of three DVD recording media: DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD-R. If you're looking for smart convenience, JVC's SR-MV55 is the intelligent choice.

  • Simultaneous Recording function records programs on both DVD and VCR decks from the same input source
  • Auto full repeat discs can be made
  • Live Memory and Live Check functions
  • Remote control code input terminal
  • DVD and S-VHS/VHS playback
  • Super MPEG Processors
    • Pre-processor (DVD)
    • Post-processor (DVD)
  • Last function memory
  • Mode lock
  • Time counter display
  • i.LINK connection (DV input)
  • RS-232C remote control terminal

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