GY-HD200B ProHD Camcorder w/17:1 Fujinon Lens & HDD Package

MSRP: $7,500.00

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JVC's Pro Spec system offers full HD performance in a complete, affordable package. Especially configured for news and field production, the Pro Spec system offers HD recording in both 720p and 1080i. (1080i recording is possible only to the hard disk.) For a more artistic, film look, you can shoot in 24 frame progressive. Thanks to Native File Recording, footage recorded on your hard disk can be edited immediately without conversion or file transfer on most popular editing systems.

The Pro Spec package includes:

  • GY-HD200CHUB ProHD Camcorder Head Unit
  • Fujinon Th17x5BRM Professional ENG Zoom Lens
  • Anton Bauer ABTrimpacPkg2 Battery and Charger/AC Power System
  • DRHD100GB100 ProHD Hard Disk Recorder/Drive
  • Anton Bauer ABFSKIT3 Hard Disk Recorder Bracket
  • KA551U Tripod Plate

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