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Designed to provide the GY-HD250U ProHD Camcorder with black-and-white return video viewing capability through the EVF (Electronic View Finder) under the following conditions:

  • The GY-HD250U is configured as a studio camcorder.
  • Third-party CCU (camera control unit) from Camplex* or Miranda Telecast Fiber** and necessary cabling is being used to control the GY-HD250U and the KA-R25U.
  • The KA-HD250U studio adapter is not used.

The GY-HD250U studio configured camcorder with the KA-R25U can be mounted on the videographer's shoulder, providing mobility and the flexibility of acquiring shots from various angles and positions.

*Camplex cable part no. CAIC-23-D112
**Telecast Fiber cable part no. CHCS-B03-JVC-3B-X1-10D-REV#2
NOTE: Camplex and Miranda Telecast Fiber CCU connection cables sold separately by their respective companies.

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