The VN-RS800U software package is an entry level surveillance tool for schools, residential, retail and many more applications. It is designed specifically to work with older JVC network (IP) cameras and encoders. It supports all JVC "VN-Vxxx" and "VN-Xxxx" IP camera models, including Megapixel cameras.

Updated version 5.3 to support Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008

  • Records up to 32 cameras
    (Record frame : up to total 96fps (VGA/REC only) or up to total 80fps (VGA/REC & display)*)
  • View up to 32 cameras, up to 16 at a time
    (Display frame :up to 16fps max (VGA)*)
  • Auto sequential mode
  • Select split mode 1,4,5,9,12,16
  • Alarm trigger by camera
  • Frame rate change on alarm record
  • Pre/post alarm recording
  • Timer recording
  • Playback search by time/date or event list
  • Snap shot (JPEG) or Video export (AVI)
  • Megapixel camera support
  • Bidirectional audio communication with recording capability

Supports all JVC VN-V / VN-X IP cameras

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*by PentiumD 2.8GHz

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