MSRP: $29,202.00

Now you can do live remote broadcasts without your camera tethered to a news van. Tell your story live from the floor of the auto show, the mayor's office, the Union rally, or the election center. 'Libre' is a revolutionary new package that combines a 200 series high definition camera with a compact on-board microwave transmitter from BMS. Libre means 'freedom' --freedom from cables, freedom from exorbitant pricing. Freedom to do news like its never been done before.

  • Use with ProHD 200 Series JVC camera (GY-HD200 or GY-HD250)
  • Camera's built-in SuperEncoder provides stunning, artifact free HD images at 20Mbps.
  • Native 720/60p capture, recording and live transmission
  • Compact size with ideal weight distribution
  • Includes BMS transmitter and receiver:
    • COFDM 2GHz transmission with 64 QAM modulation
    • Reduced occupied bandwidth (8MHz)
    • Resistant to multipath
    • Robust signal, even in difficult RF environments
    • Transmitter and diversity receiver included
  • Record HD to tape while transmitting
  • FCC license required


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