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The RSAL2 provides the highest optical performance anamorphic add-on lens installed in front of digital projectors to convert them to a higher (wider) aspect ratio. The JVC RSAL2 1.33x anamorphic lens allows you to fill the entire height and width of a 2.35:1 format screen with the best optical image available with the award winning JVC D-ILA 16:9 digitally projected images.

  • Eliminates the obtrusive top and bottom black bars framing the projected widescreen images
  • Developed exclusvely for JVC "center lens" projectors (DLA-RS1X, DLA-RS2)
  • Incredible, precise images with maximum resolution, excellent contrast with consistent brightness across your entire screen
  • Cinematographers go to extreme lengths to present a true visual experience. With the RSAL2 Anamorphic Lens, you will be able to reproduce the images and experience as faithfully as the cinematographer intended
  • With the RSAL2 lens, you experience the maximum performance of HD 1080p home theater front projection
  • Projector Central's review: "This lens is optically perfect. The image on screen is as natural, clear and precise as you'd ever want. The Cine-Digitar 1.33X enhances the performance of the projector without doing anything to get in its way."

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