The VR-N900U-125 is a a fully integrated standalone network video recorder (NVR) that can record images from both analog and IP cameras. It enables an easy and cost-effective upgrade of an existing system to a digital IP network

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Previously, users had to choose between standalone analog video recorders, or computer based network recorders that required installation, configuration and licensing of external software packages. The VR-N900U-125 eliminates those hassles by providing a fully licensed Milestone network recording system configured to accept both analog and IP camera inputs. Its single box design provides simple configuration and management of all sized surveillance systems using conventional front panel controls, or with an optional keypad and mouse.

For large-scale, IP-based security systems, multiple VR-N900U-125's can be connected via network servers. In addition, the recorder operates as a stand-alone unit without the need for a PC and fits easily within an existing network infrastructure.

  • Pre-installed XProtect Enterprise software for user-friendly and easy operation
  • Master / Slave configuration by VR-N900/1600 — NEW 5.0 feature!
    Multiple NVRs can be configured as one integrated Master/Slave system without using PC. No need for extra Software license or any camera licenses. Just put the NVR as a Master on the same network.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone unit without PC or an edge device for XProtect Enterprise
  • Remote Administrative Function
  • System status monitoring by SNMP — NEW 5.0 feature!
    Checking the camera connection status , CPU occupation, Recording status, NVR viewers, and more by using general SNMP Manager software.
  • Hybrid recording solution with built-in 4-channel encoder
  • VCR/DVR-like operation with front panel controls including Jog/Shuttle and VGA monitor output
  • Up to 9-channel recorder fully camera licensed Support Motion JPEG/MPEG-4 camera recording
  • NAS archiving supported
  • DDNS Host name and HDD meter supported — NEW 5.0 feature!
  • Built-in 1.25TB internal storage. External storage up to 4TB using the optional 2 units of VR-D0.
  • Preinstalled camera drivers for VN-X35U, VN-V685U, VN-V686B series, VN-V225 series, VN-X235 series and AXIS209FD — NEW 5.0 feature!
  • Frame rate set up
    • Display frame rate: up to 60 ips at VGA
    • Recording frame rate: up to 120 ips at VGA
    • Distribution frame rate: up to 30 ips at VGA
  • Open platform for systems enabling integration of third-party devices
  • Data export to external DVD-R/RW drive
  • Automatic IP camera detection