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JVC's new RSAL3 is a high performance, customized anamorphic lens system designed specifically for ceiling-mounted JVC projectors to provide the ultimate in true 2.40:1 cinema immersive theater environments. It is designed to be very easy to install and is used with custom JVC projector settings to make home theater projection on a 2.40:1 aspect ratio.

The RSAL3 Anamorphic Lens System, along with a DLA-RS35, DLA-RS25, or DLA-RS15 and a 2.40:1 screen, gives you the most cinematic movie experience possible. You see the widescreen visual impact of what the film director intended. When paired with a 2.40:1 screen, the RSAL3 delivers 80% more image area than widescreen movies shown on a conventional 16:9 screen of the same height. That's 80% more punch, drama, and action.

Anamorphic Vertical Compression Lens
The RSAL3 is the highest performing anamorphic lens in its price range. In fact, the lens produces the brightest, sharpest, highest contrast image of any anamorphic lens you can buy at any price. It clearly sets the industry standard by incorporating a patented hybrid cylindrical/prism design that easily installs in front of digital projectors, converting them from a standard 16:9 format to the true widescreen cinematic 2.40:1 screen aspect ratio.

  • Includes a custom JVC projector adapter for a simple clean look and installation
  • Precision ground, polished and coated glass elements
  • Produces exceptional image quality up to and beyond 1080 resolution at throw ratios down to 1.7 (image distance divided by image width)
  • Utilizes the same anamorphic enhancement process found in most motion picture theaters
  • Produces the highest image clarity of any anamorphic lens available via the FVX200J optical design's integrated astigmatism correction
  • Minimizes residual chromatic aberration (it's virtually invisible when watching movies at any resolution) through an optimized arrangement of low dispersion glass
  • Compatible with all 3D projection technology

Optimum Performance for JVC DLA-RS35, DLA-RS25, and DLA-RS15 Projectors
  • Optimum throw distance from screen to projector: 12 - 28 feet (3.5 to 8.5 meters).
  • Ratio of throw distance to screen width: 1.7 minimum.
  • Designed projector mounting configuration: ceiling mounted (i.e. projector feet "up") and horizontally centered (approximately) on the center of the screen.
  • Optimum vertical position of the projector: ±20% of screen height from the top of the screen

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