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The XA22x7BES is a compact, 2/3-inch HD lens for use with ENG-type cameras that require long lens capability, such as sports applications.

The XA22x7BES is a lightweight box lens that features higher optical quality than standard ENG-type lenses, combined with the zoom and focus performance of a larger studio lens. It incorporates a belt drive for zoom and focus, as opposed to gear-driven design, enabling very smooth and precise operation. And with fully boxed housing, working noise is virtually nonexistent. The removable shroud enables ease of maintenance.

The XA22X7BES features minimal focus breathing, 14-bit control (16-bit optional) with external port for robotics interface, and the front barrel will accept a 127mm filter.

A lightweight lens support is standard for use with JVC ProHD cameras, and ample space is provided between the back of the lens and the front of the camera for access to camera function switches.

The XA22x7BES offers all the advantages of Fujinon's DIGI POWER digital controls, including Fujinon's exclusive F.I.N.D. System for evaluation of electro-mechanical lens operational parameters.

As with larger, studio lenses, this lens features LED indicators for zoom, iris, and extender on the outside of the lens for fast recognition. Because it is a smaller box lens, it does not require a heavy lens support, but comes with an easy-to-mount support that fits on standard ENG-capable tripods, studio pedestals and robotics systems.

The ACM-17 adapter is required to use this lens with JVC's 1/3-inch ProHD cameras. This will result in an increase in magnification of 1.97x of the focal length of the lens. To calculate image size, please refer to the following table:

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