MSRP: $334.00

Day & Night Outdoor Monitoring with High-Resolution Images and Vandal-Proof Rugged Body

Upgraded in July 2010, the TK-C2201WPUA offers significant performance enhancements in brightness, crispness and stability under varying conditions.

  • High-Resolution of 600 TV Lines
    Newly developed 14bit DSP enables industry-leading high quality pictures
  • Super LoLux™ Sensitivity
    0.05 lx at color mode (50% video level, F1.2, AGC HIGH)
    0.03 lx at B&W mode (50% video level, F1.2, AGC HIGH)
  • Industry-leading S/N Ratio of 52dB
  • 3D Noise Reduction
    Powerful system to reduce noise in dark environments
  • Up to 128x of Slow Shutter
    Increases visibility even in low light situations
  • Area White Balance
    New function that can apply Auto White Balance to a specific area
  • Black Level Adjustment
    Intelligent adjustment for dark areas to provide images without black out
  • Fine Focus Adjustment Technology
    Newly developed mechanism for finer and more accurate focus adjustment
  • Outdoor-Ready Vandal and Tamper Proof Design (IP66 Compliant)
  • Variety of Functions for Precise Monitoring
    • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    • 4 Area Patterns for Backlight Compensation (BLC)
    • Manual and Auto Tracking White Balance
    • 1.4x/2.0x Digital Zoom
    • Privacy Mask for protecting intrusive monitoring
    • Display Mode Selection for CRT and LCD
    • CCD White Spot Compensation
    • Focus Adjustment Mode for accurate focusing
    • Triple Axis Rotation for flexible lens angle adjustment
    • Optional heater unit for use in low temperature down to -22°F (-30°C)
    • 24VAC/12VDC Dual Voltage
  • Eco-Friendly Super Low Power Consumption
    Approx. 40% lower than conventional models

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