Developed exclusively for JVC's GY-HM890 ProHD cameras, the FS-790 fiber optic multiplexing system replaces the bulky multicore cables with durable, lightweight fiber cable. Ideal for production studios, OB Vans, sports, concerts, or worship installations, fiber provides robust two-way communication between cameras and control systems.

The custom designed camera back transciever module attaches directly to the GY-HM890 body using a hidden 68-pin connector and enables broadcasters to leverage the camera's full studio functionality in the field. It connects the camera via SMPTE hybrid (powered) or tactical (unpowered) fiber optic cable to a CopperHead base station typically located in a control room, fly-pack or OB van.

The system simultaneously transports bidirectional digital (SDI or HD-SDI) and analog (NTSC or PAL) video, as well as all two-way camera control, audio, video, data, sync, timecode, tally/call, prompter, and intercom signals between the camera head and the remote CopperHead Base Station. The lightweight, 1 RU CopperHead Base Station is easily integrated into any studio, mobile truck, or portable flypack — and plugs directly into a facility's switcher, router, intercom, and house sync systems.

A typical fiber system consists of:

  • GY-HM890 camera & accessories
  • Camera-back transceiver module
  • Fiber Cable (powered or unpowered)
  • CopperHead Base Station (1 rack unit)
  • Remote operation panel

FS-790 systems are offered in various configurations depending on your specific needs. Generally, there are two types of cable:

Tactical fiber is highly durable, smaller, and is the least expensive. Tactical is military spec, battlefield proven and requires local power at the camera head. SMPTE Hybrid Fiber adds power capability and can deliver up to 100W of power to the camera up to 1.2 miles from the base station. Both cables are immune to interference.

JVC has engineered complete fiber systems for convenient ordering. Click here for available packages.

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