MSRP: $7,150.00

The DT-3D24G1 is an excellent 3D studio monitor equipped with many professional features found in JVC's Vérité G series DTV monitors. Stereoscopic images are dispayed with circular polarization (passive) technology. The monitor includes advanced 3D measurement functions, dual waveform and vectorscope and accepts a variety of inputs.

    Monitor Calibration Software
  • X-Pol® circular polarizing system
  • 3D Mixer for checking 3D content from stereo camera rigs
  • 3D Cursor for optimized 3D effects
  • Convenient functions for checking 3D signals:
    • Unique 3D measurement markers for L and R channels
    • Mirror/Rotation of one channel (for dual camera rigs)
    • Split L/R eye signals
    • L/R Sequential display
  • L/R Swap to check for proper cabling from camera(s) to monitor
  • 3G and Dual Link HDSDI inputs
  • SMPTE 424M/425M/372M
  • Compatible with Side-by-Side and Line-by-Line formats
  • JVC 10 Bit video processing
  • Dual mode Waveform/Vectorscope
  • Supports LTC/VITC time code
  • Various gamma selection options
  • Versatile marker functions
  • Audio level display up to 12 channels
  • 24 volt DC supply possible
  • On-screen time code display capable of showing TC diffence between input 1 and input 2

*Xpol is a registered trademark of Arisawa Manufacturing.

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